Quickstart - Elthia
Contentbox headline This is a short introduction to Elthia. It will provide you with general instructions on how to set up the game and to start playing.

1 How to Start

To play on Elthia you need to create an account first. Simply click on Create Account and follow the instructions. Make sure to select a safe password which cannot be guessed easily. Select your character's name, vocation and gender.

As a next step please download the Elthia client and unzip it on your computer.
Now you are ready to start playing. Open the Elthia folder and double-click on the Eltia client icon to start the game client, you will be taken to the title screen. There simply enter your account data and your character list will be displayed. Double-click on the name of the character you have created. The client will now connect to the game server and your adventure can begin.

Please note that if too many players are online, you will have to wait a while before you can log in. The client will show your current position in the login queue and automatically try to log in your character after the displayed waiting period.

2 Screen Layout

Once you are logged into the game, you will see the adventure screen:
Use Ctrl+. to switch between normal, zoomed or fullscreen mode.

Game Window
The game window is where most of the action is taking place. It shows a part of the world of Tibia, with your own character in the middle.
Much like a radar screen, the minimap will show you an overview of your surroundings. In the beginning a large part of this map will be dark since you need to explore the area first. The map buttons to the right will allow you to scroll around on the minimap.
Status Bars
The status bars show your current hit points (red) and magic points (blue).
Right below these bars you can see your inventory. It is divided into several slots for different body parts. Please note that you can put items only in the slot they are designed for, i.e. you can place a shield in your character's hand, but not on his head. The top right slot is reserved for containers such as bags and backpacks.
Combat Controls
The combat controls determine your character's behaviour in battle.
Several further buttons are arranged next to or below the inventory screen. Selecting "Options" will open up a menu, most of the others will open up sub-windows. Clicking on "Stop" will cause your character to stop any action he is currently taking, while the button "Logout" will end the game.
At the bottom of the screen you will find the console through which you can talk to other players. Communication is organised in different chat channels which can be activated by clicking on the little button with the file card in the top right corner of the console.
Cooldown Bar
In the cooldown bar you can see how much time you still have to wait until a spell or a spell of a certain spell group is available again. You can hide the cooldown bar in the Options menu under General.

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