Quests - Elthia

Elthia Quest list!

- The list that you see here contains some information about the quests on Elthia

- Who prefers to solve the quests by his own, please don't read this list.
- These are not all the quests on Elthia some are still hidden, waiting to be found by players!

Mainland QuestsMinimum LevelRewards
Eskimo Camp--5 Black Pearls, 5 White Pearls
Yeti Cave--Amazon Helmet
Bonelord Spot--Bonelord Shield
Two Tower Quest--Knight Legs, Knight Armor, Devil Helmet
Bonelord Caves--Bonelord Helmet
Elven Fortress20Dragon Hammer
Hero undergrounds Fortress30Bright Sword
Dwarven Caves40Amazon shield
Orc Castle40Warrior Helmet, Fire Axe
Hydra Cave60Royal Helmet
Santa Claus Mission70Amazon Armor
Hero House80Crown Armor, Crown Legs
Pits of Inferno80Soft boots, 100 platinum coins, Stuffed dragon, frozen starlight, crystal mace, choose from Arcanestaff, Arbalest, Avenger
The Golden Temple90Golden Legs, Golden Armor
Temple the Black Knights100Phoenix Shield
Vamp Hell100Ornamented Shield
Demon Helmet100Demon Helmet, Steel Boots, Demon Shield
Annihilator100You can choose Stonecutter Axe, Magic Sword, Thunder Hammer or Teddy bear
Demon Armor120Demon Armor
Demon Legs150Demon Legs
The old ruines of the Acient Gods150Twin Axe
Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Players Online

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