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**** Pet System ****

Pet System

System explanation
* Pet system can be unlocked at the ability points system.
* Pet system will include a special pet channel for commands and information!
* Pets level as the gain experience! Also some pets will evolve! see below information.
* Pets will also gain an extra 10 health on leveling
* Pets can die and than be revived again!
* Pets need to be catched see information below!

Pet commands
!petcommandsLists all pet commands in the pet channel.
!petcatchTarget a monster and use the command to catch the pet.
!petreleaseReleases your pet into the wild again.
!pethealHeals your pet to full health costs 5 soul points + 0.1 per hp missing.
!petreviveRevives dead pet costs 30 soulpoints and 0.2 soul point extra per pet level.
!petinfoShows current pet level and experience in pet channel.
!petsummonSummons your pet.
!petdismissDismisses your pet.

Normal pets available to all vocations
Pet name:Hp:Evolves:
Cat: 100At level 10 to a Tiger
Tiger:300At level 25 to a Hellspawn
Dog:100At level 40 to a Hellhound
Wolf:200At level 4 to a War wolf
War Wolf:500At level 25 to a Werewolf
Hunter:150At level 20 to a Marksman

Special Mage pet list
Pet name:Min Level:Hp:Evolves:
Dragon Hatchling:50300At level 20 to a Dragon
Dragon:1000At level 50 to a Undead Dragon
Undead Dragon:8350
Black Knight:1001800At level 26 to a Golden Knight
Golden Knight:1008500

Special Knight pet list
Pet name:Min Level:Hp:Evolves:
Priestess:80390At level 20 to a Ice Witch
Ice Witch:650At level 55 to a Enraged Ice Witch
Enraged Ice Witch:7650

Special Paladin pet list
Pet name:Min Level:Hp:Evolves:
Necromancer:150580At level 20 to a Elite necromancer
Elite Necromancer:8000

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