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**** Item upgrade system****

**** Item upgrade system ****

System explanation
* After unlocking the sytem trough the talent system(knights only),
You will be able to use it.
* Visit the magic house north of the Vianen depot
* Use the Item upgrader on the 1st floor.
* Make sure you have got 50x of the same astral source in your inventory!
* Tap the item you want to upgrade, And you are done!
* Item upgrade changes the next stats: Attack, Defence, Extra Defence and armor!
* Each level +1 stats. Maximum item level is 6!
* NOTE! only knight vocation required items can be upgraded!
(it can only be wielded properly by knights)

Upgrade levelsuccesrateitem level if fails

Astral sourcesimagelink for lootstats
50x Battle StoneLink!
50x Blazing BoneLink!
50x Bloody PincersLink!
50x Brimstone FangsLink!
50x Brimstone ShellLink!
50x Broken Shamanic StaffLink!
50x CompassLink!
50x Crawler Head PlatingLink!
50x Crystallized AngerLink!
50x Cultish MaskLink!
50x Cultish RobeLink!
50x Cyclops ToeLink!
50x Damselfly WingLink!
50x Deepling WartsLink!
50x Demon HornLink!
50x Demonic Skeletal HandLink!
50x Draken SulphurLink!
50x Elven HoofLink!
50x Elven Scouting GlassLink!
50x Elvish TalismanLink!
50x Energy VeinLink!
50x Fiery HeartLink!
50x Flask of Embalming FluidLink!
50x Frazzle SkinLink!
50x Frosty HeartLink!
50x Goosebump LeatherLink!
50x Green Dragon LeatherLink!
50x Green Dragon ScaleLink!
50x Hellspawn TailLink!
50x Lion's ManeLink!
50x Metal SpikeLink!
50x Mooh'tah ShellLink!
50x Moohtant HornLink!
50x Mystical HourglassLink!
50x Ogre Nose RingLink!
50x Orc ToothLink!
50x Peacock Feather FanLink!
50x Petrified ScreamLink!
50x Piece of Dead BrainLink!
50x Piece of Scarab ShellLink!
50x Piece of Swampling WoodLink!
50x Pile of Grave EarthLink!
50x Poisonous SlimeLink!
50x Polar Bear PawLink!
50x Protective CharmLink!
50x QuillLink!
50x Rope BeltLink!
50x Rorc FeatherLink!
50x SabretoothLink!
50x Seacrest HairLink!
50x Silencer ClawsLink!
50x Slime HeartLink!
50x Snake SkinLink!
50x Some Grimeleech WingsLink!
50x Strand of Medusa HairLink!
50x Swamp GrassLink!
50x Thick FurLink!
50x Vampire TeethLink!
50x Vexclaw TalonLink!
50x Warmaster's WristguardsLink!
50x Waspoid WingLink!
50x Wereboar HoovesLink!
50x Winter Wolf FurLink!
50x Wyrm ScaleLink!
50x Wyvern TalismanLink!

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