Commands - Elthia

Player Commands
!serverinfoShows server rates
!uptimeShows server uptime(server save is at 6:00 CEST
!outfitGuild leader command change all members outfits
!onlineShows a list with all players currently online
!expShows actual time left on your Experience card
!autolootshows autoloot system commands
!balanceshows your current bank balance
!fragsshows current frags and time left
!pointsshows current points and point system
!talentsshows talent page with all current talent unlocks
!leavehouseLeave your current house
!huntSet a price on someones head Visit the bounty hunter page Here for more information
!spellsShows all spells for your vocation
!blessBuy all blessing directly from your bank account. (price depends on level)

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