Bossevent - Elthia

Elthia Boss Events!

- The Elthia Boss events is a custom system made for players!

- The Boss events can be accessed from a teleporter at the Vianen temple where you can choose you difficulty, After entering the correct teleport you will be teleported to a waiting room.
- Wait in this room until your team is complete and ready to challenge the boss.
- After pulling the lever a teleport will be created witch will grant you acces to the battleground,
Please notice: the teleport will only appear for 30 seconds and the room will also be locked for those 30 seconds for other players to enter!
- As long as there are players on the chosen battleground this ground will be locked for new teams until all players left the battleground!
- If all players leave whitout defeating the boss the boss will stay there waiting for a new team, If the boss is defeated a new boss will appear.

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