Bf - Elthia


  • The event will take place at the battlegrounds located at Olympia.

    Illustrative picture

    - The event is automatic and occurs at 20:00 CET!.

    - Soon after the event announcement opens a teleport and only a limited number of players can enter the event.

    - Only level 50+ can enter the event.

    - They are formed by two teams, the "Green Vikings" and "Red Vikings".

    - Teams are automatically balanced when the last player enters, the teleport is closed and after two minutes the event begins, the two minutes are for the players have time to plan an attack.

    - The system is intended to kill all the enemy team, beyond fun, the players who survive will receive rewards.


  • BattleField 20:00 [CET]: [reward 1 Golden Raid Token]

  • Actual central European time

  • Utility of Golden Raid Token

  • Used for trade items with NPC Jeronimo which is in the depot of Vianen.

    PS: Does not lose level, skills and even items inside the event!

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