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Custom map server! "Oldschool Tibia, With a modern touch!"
Unique things on Elthia: Dungeons, Talent System, Free Daily Lottery, Luck System, Prey System, Pet System, Critical System, Reward Chest, Boss Event system, Bounty Hunter and Anti-bot system.

But also included some well known real life quests like Annihilator, Pits of inferno, Ferumbras tower and Demon Oak! All addons are achievable! No pay to win server!
And much more!
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17 Feb 2020 -
Server Downtime.
Dear Players,

Today we faced a lot of downtime due to an internet interruption.
All systems are up and running again!

To compensate all players a bit for the downtime we decided to increase all experience gained on all stages until the server save all players will receive double the experience!

14 Feb 2020 -
Happy Valentines day!
Dear Elthians,

Make sure to send your secret love your present.

Valentina is at depot Vianen to sell you all valentines goods.

Kind regards,
Elthia team.

7 Feb 2020 -
Wuhan - a bad dream at first sight
Hello dear Elthians.

We are glad to announce the release of the new Region; Wuhan!

This area features loads of monsters that were not present before in Elthia, of course with many familiar faces, come new faces.
Ask Aladdin to get you there!

Wuhan will focus on providing you with items to create your very own Umbral weapon, not only that but the Umbral weapons have received a buff as well! check it out:

Many monsters, and all the new monsters will have a chance to drop 100 of these, and you can trade with Jeronimo in vianen depot for a Cluster of Solace!

Later next week we will add a dungeon to Wuhan at the deepest end somewhere...(Level 300+ Recommended)

Are you ready to uncover the sinister truth to this place?

-CM Elk

2 Feb 2020 -
Monster re-balance#1 Wealoq and more
Hello players, thanks for your feedback on the strawpoll!

I have made a lot of changes regarding our custom mobs and even a slight tweak on a real tibia monster, the monster changes will go live after next server save!

Also be aware that Soul Stones can now be traded with any ammo NPC to obtain infernal bolts.

Here follows a list of changes to many monsters in the 200-300+ range.

Archdemon: Damage slightly increased, loot adjusted, 150exp added to previous base exp.

Wealoq: Look changed, spell overhaul, HP severely nerfed (8000hp difference), EXP adjusted accordingly, loot enhanced and changed.

Hellflayer: 500EXP added to base exp.

Demonic Asura: HP Decreased (1000), Melee damage and mana drain increased.

Supremacy Asura: HP increase (400), mana drain increased, 80EXP added to base exp.

Elite Asura: HP increase (200), melee damage increase.

Old Wizard: Spells damages slightly increased.

Dark Hero: 600EXP added to base exp.

Dark Fury: HP Increase (200), spells damage increase, spell added from it's not dark counterpart.

Ashigaru: 50EXP added to base exp, slight melee damage increase, added speeches.

Samurai: HP Nerfed (8000), severe EXP decrease (16000), damage nerfed, but added new spell, added speeches.

Bruce lee: HP nerfed (900), 815EXP added to base exp, summon change, added speeches.

Ninja: added and changed speeches.

That is all of the changes for this update, thank you and see you in game!

-Community manager Elk

2 Feb 2020 -
Fixes and changes.
Dear players,

In the last few day's we made a lot of changed to the server.
Here is a shortlist of what we did.

- Changed the portal spells so you can summon one even when in battle.(still need to be out of battle to use it)
- Edited a lot of custom monsters to make there loot health and experience yield better than before.
- Fixed a lot of small map bugs and even bigger bug.
- Changed the prey system so it wont show pets anymore.
- Balanced some pets so there damage and health are more balanced compared to others.
- Fixed some portal spell npc's so all correct portals can be bought at the corect npc's.
- Fixed the talent system so when you die you can't copy you talent points anymore.
- Added extra items to npc's to sell. like gems, equipment and also added all colored backpacks to Quilana.
- Fixed some bugged quests or made them more in balance so people could not just run trough them.
- Fixed some amulets that dropped with only 1 charge.
- Changed Crystal arrow to be an unlimited source of ammunition. You cannot hold it in your hand anymore with a shield.

We are also completing some new area's that will come online in a short period of time, with some nice new spawns.

Kind regards,
Elthia Team.

1 Feb 2020 -
7 days of Elthia
Hello players.

It's been a week since Elthia has opened it's doors, some of you managed to explore the deeper and more dangerous areas and quests hidden in the realm of Elthia.

This means you might have seen new enemies unfamiliar to you.
We like to ask you feedback on how your experience was facing these new creatures and/or bosses.
Please vote on the link below to give us a clue on how we are dealing with managing these new monsters, are they balanced, do they seem weak? Let us know. (Multiple choice is allowed.)

Kind regards,
-Community Manager Elk

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