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Elthia RPG

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Custom map server! "Old-school Tibia, With a modern touch!"
Unique things on Elthia: Dungeons, Talent System, Free Daily Lottery, Luck System,
Knight Upgrade System, Critical System, Reward Chest, Bounty Hunter and Anti-bot client.

But also included some well known real life quests like Annihilator, Pits of inferno, Ferumbras tower and Demon Oak! All addons are achievable! No pay to win server!
And much more!
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Polski Team

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6 Feb 2021 -
Internet downtime.
Due to an configuration missmatch the server got disconnected from the internet this morning we have fixed the issue and all is running again

Kind regards,

29 Jan 2021 -
New Client and changes!
Dear Elthians,

First of all thank you for all your positive feedback the last week!

Today We are finally ready to introduce the new client!
You can download it on the download page!

It's not packed anymore as before due to virus scan errors for a lot of people.
This new client will improve stability and fixes the visual mount bugs.

We also made a lot of changes last week and we will explain some below here.

1. New client with improvements!
2. Balanced a lot of custom mobs! (thanks CM Elk)
3. Fixed some reported map bugs! (thanks GM Xuarez)
4. Changes some spell cooldowns and fixed some spells.
5. Added poison and energy bombs to rune npc's.
6. Fixed Aladdin Fly away!
7. Fixed Cyclops task!
8. Added level doors on some quests to prevent abuse.
9. Fixed some website visuals and wrong tables.
10. Fixed drowning damage bug.
11. Fixed some raids.

12. Well a lot more has been fixed!

We will keep working on the server to improve gameplay!
and stability!
Thank you all again for your feedback and have fun on Elthia!

Kind Regards,
Elthia team.

21 Jan 2021 -
One Day Left!
Dear Elthians!

Only one day left until a new adventure starts!
Team up with friends! or go solo!
No matter what happens next make sure to have fun!
Discover and conquer!

Kind Regards,
Elthia Team.

5 Jan 2021 -
Server Start 22-1-2021
Dear Elthians!

After a year of hard work an converting to improve gameplay and balance, We have finally finished our server for the new launch.

We have improved the over balance between the vocations and took another step against botters.
This will ensure fair gameplay and will also improve team hunts and exploration purposes.

We also added a lot of new content with 2 new towns namd Port Wortham and Olympia.

Some old systems are removed and some new are added. Like the new talents system function for knights, they will be able to improve all knight only equipment with upgrades.

Rookgaard(Nashville) has been overtaken by monsters and all players will start in the main temple of Vianen at level 8 with their chosen vocation!

For former Elthians
All accounts have been kept only all players have been wiped!
If you still had Tibia coins on your old account you can recover your account by using the Account recovery.

Character Creation will be opened at 15-1-2021 at 19:00 CET!

See you on Elthia!

Kind regards,
Elthia Team.

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