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Custom map server! "Oldschool Tibia, With a modern touch!"
Unique things on Elthia: Dungeons, Talent System, Free Daily Lottery, Luck System, Prey System, Pet System, Critical System, Reward Chest, Bounty Hunter and Anti-bot system.

But also included some well known real life quests like Annihilator, Pits of inferno, Ferumbras tower and Demon Oak! All addons are achievable! No pay to win server!
And much more!
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30 Apr 2020 -
A New Era!
Dear Elthians,

Since the first release of the former Masterworld server converted to the new Elthia, Had alot of bugs and unbalanced situations.
We decided to close the server make all improvements that are needed to make this experience one of the best tibia experiences you would ever encounter.

This will give us the time to make everything right!
Give everyone a new equal start and discover the new and much better Elthia! With new areas, quests, bosses, monsters, events. and a whole new client!

All accounts will be kept! only all characters will be deleted. So people with premium coins in there account will still keep them!

Kind Regards,
Elthia Team

26 Apr 2020 -
Changes and news!
Dear players,

Loot List
Today we have added a new monster loot list to the website,
This list contains all monsters on Elthia with their loot statistics!
You can find the list under the library section!

Spawn changes
We are fixing a lot of spawn problems as players are encountering packed areas full of monsters.
This also makes the server a lot less bot friendly!

Kind Regards,

26 Mar 2020 -
Game Update Forgotten city of Nashville!
Dear Elthians,

Today we are launching the revamped and overtaken area of Nashville, our former rookgaard.

Because every character starts at Vianen at level 8 now, The monsters invaded Nashville and captured it since it was left behind by all citizens.

Last morning we took a look at the area and made some screenshots you can see them below.
Some new monsters seems to have appeared on Nashville as well as some well known ones.

We also edited the Aqua Massive Force spell so the words to execute the spell are the same as Master magic force. the new sentence is: exevo mas aqua

Kind Regards

2 Mar 2020 -
Balances Part 2!
Dear Elthians,

Last week we added a few extra balances to put everything in the right order.
We have changed some custom monsters and normal ones (Asura's) to be much more in balance ingame.

We also changed the burst arrow to diamond arrow conversion to happen at level 200 instead of 250! and from now on they can be bought at Boltia!

Kind regards,

25 Feb 2020 -
Balances and new spells!
Dear players,

Tomorrow after the server save the new spells will launch for druids and sorcerers.
We also balanced some older spells and pets to balances all vocations much more.

Kind regards,

17 Feb 2020 -
Server Downtime.
Dear Players,

Today we faced a lot of downtime due to an internet interruption.
All systems are up and running again!

To compensate all players a bit for the downtime we decided to increase all experience gained on all stages until the server save all players will receive double the experience!

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