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Bright Sword Quest
Alot of new knights are looking for a better weapo...
god Skippel234510.04.20 00:30:25
by god Skippel
Dragon Hammer Quest https://i.imgu...
god Skippel131014.04.20 02:21:42
by god Skippel
firewalker boots
god Skippel030416.02.20 11:49:37
by god Skippel
Crafting super Runes!
Dear players, Since there are a lot of question...
god Skippel039102.02.20 12:25:42
by god Skippel
Tower Shield Quest
TOWER SHIELD QUEST Start location: Stone City Dep...
god Skippel030902.02.20 11:28:33
by god Skippel
Demon Helmet Quest
Possible Monsters: Fire Elementals, Demons, Hellfi...
god Skippel034030.01.20 18:02:11
by god Skippel
The Way- Demodras Boss
DEMODRAS Start at West Gate Vianen City and fol...
god Skippel029530.01.20 13:36:01
by god Skippel
The Way- Necropharus Boss
Start at North Gate Vianen and follow yellow way ...
god Skippel032029.01.20 13:48:18
by god Skippel
Demon Oak Quest walk all around d...
god Skippel037527.01.20 19:53:59
by god Skippel
Amazon Shield Quest
god Skippel036327.01.20 17:51:24
by god Skippel
Dragon Scale Mail Quest
You'll be facing Dragons & Dragon Lords. First,...
god Skippel033928.01.20 14:22:37
by god Skippel
Aladdin flying carpet access
Hey, in order to have access to intresting lands o...
god Skippel033829.01.20 17:51:16
by god Skippel
Crown Armor & Crown Legs (req 80 lvl)
Possible Monsters: Heroes, Demodras 1. Start at...
god Skippel029227.01.20 20:49:55
by god Skippel
Royal Helmet Quest [60 level req]
Possible monsters: Hydras 1. Start in Surat Mor N...
god Skippel030727.01.20 20:14:22
by god Skippel
Magma Coat and Magma Legs quest
Requires Machete Possible monsters: Wolfs, Wyvern...
god Skippel030127.01.20 19:42:21
by god Skippel
Huriya Island Access
First you head over to Aladdin who is in a tower a...
god Skippel034727.01.20 19:14:47
by god Skippel
Grombur! (Talent NPC)
First you make your way to the boat in Vianen h...
god Skippel034127.01.20 18:34:36
by god Skippel
[40+] Fire Axe & Warrior Helmet (Orc Fort)
Path from Vianen ...
god Skippel031327.01.20 13:59:55
by god Skippel
Npc Grombur Location here you ...
god Skippel131627.01.20 07:37:11
by god Skippel
Boots of haste & Blue Robe Quest https://i.imgu...
god Skippel035226.01.20 16:27:13
by god Skippel

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