Changelog - Elthia
There are currently 7 change logs.

12.02.2020Changed Soft boots. They will now last 10 hours! (is you already own them than they will after you renewed them at the npc!)
11.02.2020New pages on website! Under library you can now find a Task list with the tasks from Grizzly adams. Also a small quest list is added to the site.
9.02.2020Added Zaoan set to Auriya to sell!
29.01.2020Removed pet commands from world chat, fixed Aladdin npcs. Changed midnight asura no imuum to al damages as real tibia.
27.01.2020Added Rust remover to npc Mad! Fixed othehothep Portal trainer(mailman npc)
26.01.2020Added Grizzly Adams to Vianen, Tasks are now available
25.01.2020Added All gems to Hanna to sell!
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